Riam Road Secondary School Raffle

Riam Road Secondary School Raffle 2021


Terms and Conditions


1.        The Riam Road Secondary School Raffle is organised by Riam Road Secondary School (School license registration number: RMD/22/2020). The purpose of the Raffle is to raise building funds to undertake a massive renovation of the old academic building blocks which are affected by critical deterioration. This Raffle is governed by these terms and condition including any subsequent amendments thereto (“Terms and Conditions”).


2.        All Raffle participants will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.



3.        This Raffle is open to all participants who:

(i)       are residents, permanent residents and non-residents reside in Malaysia;

(ii)     are eighteen (18) years of age or above; and

(iii)   have a valid Malaysian Identification Card or passport.


4.        Eligible entries for the draw will only be via the purchasing of donation ticket valued at RM100.00 per ticket.


5.        Organiser reserves the rights to verify the eligibility of any participant and disqualify at anytime if any participant who does not meet the eligibility criteria.


Raffle Period

6.        The Raffle period is from 15th June 2021 until 31st October 2021 (both dates inclusive) (“the Raffle Period”), and may be changed by Riam Road Secondary School at its discretion.


Raffle Draw Mechanics

7.        To qualify for a chance to win a grand prize in the Raffle draw, participant must buy a raffle ticket with a recorded serial number and the school common seal affixed.


8.        Winners shall be selected at random, either by hand or by other means and methods (which maybe manual or computerized) as the school may determine in its sole and absolute discretion. The winning entries will be selected from all entries received by the closing date. Only tickets for which full payment has been received will be valid and eligible to win a prize. The result will be published in local newspapers (Sin Chew Daily News, See Hua Daily News, United Daily News, Borneo Post and Utusan Borneo).




9.        The prizes for the Raffle draw are as follow:

1 x First Prize – 1 unit of Studio Apartment, The Stirling, Miri

1 x Second Prize – 1 unit of Aveta RX110 Motorbike

1 x Third Prize – 1 unit of Acer Aspire 3 Laptop

1 x Fourth Prize – 1 unit of Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Smartphone

1 x Fifth Prize – 1 unit of Polygon Cascade 2 Bicycle

20 x Consolation Prizes – RM200.00 worth of vouchers

The ownership of the apartment property by foreigners will be subject to Sarawak Land Code or any relevant property law.


10.    Riam Road Secondary School reserves the right to substitute the prizes with the same value for other prizes without prior notice at its absolute discretion.


11.    Prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-negotiable and no cash alternative will be available. Prizes will only be issued to the winners as verified by Riam Road Secondary School with the submission of Raffle ticket as evidence.


12.    The school may at its discretion disqualify/reject any Eligible Participant who does not comply with the terms and conditions stated herein and/or found tempering with the draw or its process of the draw. Tempering shall include fraudulent activities involving any act of deceit and/or deception and/or cheating regards to the Raffle Draw and/or the Eligible Channels.


 Announcement of Winners

13.    All winners’ names will be announced by the school within 7 days of the draw. Winners will be invited to collect the prizes at the location proposed by the school one month after the draw result announcement.


Claiming the Prize

14.    Prizes unclaimed after 3 months from the draw date will be forfeited.


Intellectual Property Rights

15.    The Raffle draw and all the information published and related to it (including text, graphics, symbols, icons, software and trade marks) are protected by copyright and trademark and remains the sole property of Riam Road Secondary School.


Disclaimer and Indemnity

16.    The participants acknowledge and agree to indemnify Riam Road Secondary School to the fullest extent permitted by the law. Riam Road Secondary School disclaims all liabilities for any claims for damages, loss, costs and/or expenses arising from the participation in the Raffles draw.





Personal Data

17.    By participating in the Raffle draw, the participants consent their personal data being used by  Riam Road Secondary School for all purposes related to the draw and also consent to cooperate and participate in any publicity activities.


Force Majeure

18.    Riam Road Secondary School shall not be liable for any default in respect of the Raffle draw due to any act of God, war, riot, strike, Covid-19 Pandemic spread, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, storm, technical or system failure or any event beyond the reasonable control of Riam Road Secondary School.


Governing Law

19.    The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Malaysian Law.


20.    Riam Road Secondary School’s decision in all matters relating to the Raffle is absolute and final.


21.    In the event of any inconsistencies between English terms and conditions and Chinese terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.






1.     廉律中学主办“廉律中学教学楼募捐”筹款活动(学校执照注册号为  RMD/22/2020)。举办“廉律中学教学楼募捐”筹款活动的目的是筹集  修葺资金,对严重破损的旧教学建筑进行大规模翻新。此幸运抽奖受以下条款约束,包括后续的任何修改条款(“条款和规则”)。 

2.     每一位参加这项幸运抽奖活动者被视为已同意接受此条款和规则。


3.     幸运抽奖活动只对以下人士开放:

i       居住在马来西亚的居民、永久居民或非居民;

ii      年满十八岁或以上;

iii     持有有效的马来西亚身份证或护照。

4.     欲参加这项幸运抽奖,只能通过购买每张价值为马币一百令吉的“廉律 中学教学楼募捐”幸运抽奖券才符合资格。

5.     廉律中学保留验证任何参加者资格的权利,并在任何时候可取消不符合 参加资格者的参加资格。


6.     幸运抽奖活动期为2021615日至20211031日,惟廉律中学 有权在不另行通知或任何时候自行决定更改幸运抽奖期。


7.     参加者欲在幸运抽奖活动中赢取大奖,必须购买带有记录序列号码并加盖学校公章之“廉律中学教学楼募捐”幸运抽奖券。

8.     廉律中学有权自行决定以任何方式或其他方法(可能是手动或计算机化)通过随机遴选幸运获奖者。 廉律中学将在《星洲日报》、《诗华日报》、《联合日报》、《Borneo Post》和《Utusan》等报上发布结果。


9.     幸运抽奖的奖品如下:

首奖- 一单位公寓;

二奖- 一部电单车;

三奖- 一台笔记本电脑;

四奖- 一台智能手机;

五奖- 一台多功能自行车;



10.   廉律中学有权在不事先通知的情况下,自行决定将奖品替换为其他同等 价值的奖品。 

11.   奖品不可转让或交换,并且只有在廉律中学通过抽奖券作为凭证的基础上,才颁发给幸运获奖者。 

12. 廉律中学可酌情决定取消或拒绝任何不遵守在此列出的条款和规则的幸运获奖者;或若发现幸运获奖者在幸运抽奖过程中自行篡改或对条款和规则作出违法行为或蓄意违法,包括任何欺诈、欺骗、作弊或违反幸运抽奖 合格渠道等等的欺诈活动行为,廉律中学有绝对的权利取消幸运获奖者的获奖资格。


13.   所有幸运获奖者的姓名将由廉律中学在抽奖现场宣布。获奖者也将在宣布幸运抽奖结果后的一个月,受邀在廉律中学指定的地点之颁奖典礼上领取奖品。


14.   若奖品在抽奖结果公布后三个月内尚无人认领,该奖项将视为作废。


15.   所发布的所有有关“廉律中学教学楼募捐”幸运抽奖的信息(包括文本 图形,符号,图标,软件和商标)皆受版权和商标的保护,且是廉律中学的唯一财产。


16. 所有合格参加者同意并维护廉律中学不承担参加者因参加“廉律中学教学楼募捐”幸运抽奖而引起的任何损害、损失、成本或费用的索赔。


17.   所有 “廉律中学教学楼募捐”幸运抽奖参加者同意廉律中学以任何形式使用其个人资料来运作与抽奖有关的所有用途,并积极参与宣传活动。


18.   廉律中学不对在“廉律中学教学楼募捐”幸运抽奖过程中由于不可控的 任何行为如:战争、骚乱、罢工、Covid-19大流行性传播和封锁、工业 行动、火灾、水灾、暴风雨、技术或系统故障及无法合理控制的任何事件承担任何责任。


19.   在此列出的条款和规则乃是受马来西亚法律的管辖。


21.   如果英文版条款和规则与中文版条款和规则之间,存在任何不一致之处,应以英文版为准。


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